Flexible Finance that Works for You

Orchard work on a fully flexible basis to suit you, whether start-up, SME or corporate. We do this direct or through banks and other professional service
providers as necessary, but always to enhance your business capital.

Our experienced FDs work with companies of all sizes at an affordable cost.

Working on a part-time, interim, project or non-executive director basis, we deliver the highest standards of strategic finance, designed to achieve real business benefits:

  • Part-Time – ongoing support for a number of days during a month as required
  • Interim – defined role for a fixed period filling a gap in the organisation whilst a permanent solution is found
  • Project – defined activity with clear deliverables
  • Non-executive – board level support acting as a typical non-executive director

Who Benefits?


Sound Familiar?

  • “Managing the finances is stopping me growing”
  • “How do I plan the right financial track?”
  • “It’s getting more complex and difficult to understand”
  • “The bank want more and more info”
  • “I need to raise finance to grow”
  • “I want to sell and get the best price I can”
  • “I need a finance director but that will be costly “



  • “Wrong information, wrong time”
  • “Are we measuring the business correctly?”
  • “Is that Business Unit under control?”
  • “Are we as profitable as we could be?”
  • “How do we resource this strategic project?”
  • “I need some experienced help”
  • “How do I clone me!?”

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